Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Balloons and All

Happy Birthday Babies

well sweet pea and little sprout are 1 year and 1 weak old!! I figured I had better get posting or it just will not happen. This blogging thing is a bit of a challenge, I tried to change my back ground to maybe get the best blog on the block award but only succeeded in erasing my previous background, I should probably stick to gardening!! Actually I will contact a famous blogger I know who HAS gotten an award for blogging and get some help.

Now onto the birthday...... We celebrated in style with a photo cake for guests to enjoy while sweet pea and little sprout had a delectable cake of their own. Each dug in with gusto and got frosting all over their face, in their ears and hair. Some cake and frosting got in their mouths. It was a joyous day celebrating one year of precious life for these two sweet babies. A dream come true for scarecrow and I. The presents were the next best thing after cake. Really the paper was a lot of fun for them. I better not leave out mention of the balloons. Scarecrow picked up 10 helium balloons which the babies still cannot get enough of. Each day they (especially sweet pea) have been pulling on the string attached to the balloon, pulling the balloon down to mouth level, banging on it , chewing on it and letting it float back up to the ceiling. Who knew you could have hours of fun with a happy birthday balloon? The party just keeps on going!!