Monday, November 29, 2010

The Travel Bug

Do you ever get the itch to just go somewhere?

Well I did. I had not paid a visit to my dearest Aunt and Uncle for far too long and it was high time.
They graciously accepted my suggestion that we come for a visit.
We packed our bags and toys. The hit of the trip
was our chalkboard and dry erease board boxes.

We stopped often, watched a movie, sang lots of songs and stopped at Big Boys for lunch. Don't you remember their big boy hamburgers and malts, oooh my mouth is watering. It was Liam and Graces first time and they have talked about seeing the big boy again eating the hamburger :)

All three kids plus my mom and dad spent a few days at her home !!
I told you she is a dear!! We enjoyed playing at the park pushing our elmo and baby doll, even Mrs. busy bee and nana took a ride on the see saw!. We had lots of good food and fun. Mrs Butterfly got in some shopping at the nearby outlets and Baby Kate got lots of cuddles too. Soon it was time to say goodbye and hit the road.
We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the ride home and got some jumbo suckers for the rest of the trip. Good thing because we did hit a accident on the way home and sat at a DEAD stop for half an hour!! Otherwise it was smooth sailing. What a treat to spend quality time with family.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Crew At The Zoo

With a few vacation days left in Scarecrows schedule, we decided to take our crew to the zoo!!
It was the first trip for all of the kiddos. They loved it!! So did we by the way.
We Saw tigers

Ate a picnic lunch by the Rhinos

The Elephants were a hit.
Baby butterfly enjoyed the sights when she woke upWe loved the giraffe, zebras, and hippos too. We will definitely be back!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Dressed Up, Let's Have A Tea Party

We have recently been getting into dress up around here.
Sweet pea and Little sprout decided to dress up.

Tutus of course!!
Sweet Pea has a couple of Tutu's
and Little Sprout decided to join in!

They got all dolled up
and spent the morning in tutus!

Noting that Sweet Pea had leggings and a tutu, Little Sprout had to do the same.

Little sprout had on two layers. The first was a skirt with brown heart then the tutu on top, with leggings underneath of course!!

We are now into wearing tutus at nap time. Too cute!
The next day Scarecrow dressed them for church. He went all out!!
The leather skirt Sweet Pea has on is new,I cannot say the same for Little Sprouts duds.

This suit was actually worn by his daddy at the same age. Oh yes, PURE POLYESTER!!

He does look charming of course, just like his daddy!!
With all of the dress up, I decided we had better do something FANCY.
SO, we invited our Nana and some friends over for a grand Tea Party!!!

I broke out the silver. Each of the kids used their silver cup and the adults.....
Yes that is china you see on the table. Hey, I figured three adults, three toddlers we can handle it. One on One if necessary !!

We feasted on grapes, veggie sticks, and cookies. Kid friendly of course.
The adults had TEA and the munchkins had Pixie Tea (a little tea with lots of milk and a bit of sugar and honey)

We all had a ball.
Wishing you fun dress up and fun times.