Friday, February 25, 2011

Let It Snow!!!!!

How many inches of snow have we had in Michigan anyway? ALOT is the simplest answer! We are enjoying it! I have felt like a kid again this winter, experiencing the winter fun with the twins.

Our home is situated right in front of a park which has a sledding hill. Admittedly it is not a grandiose hill, it is great for toddlers!!
We have many sledding adventures.
Have built many a snowman.
Have shoveled a TON of snow.
The latest fun was a snow tunnel.

My dear neighbor whom I will name the knitting guru, dug a great tunnel in the mountain of snow at the end of our street.
The adults even fit in it!!

All of the kids had a blast crawling through, on top of,, and sliding down it.

So let it snow. Well only a little bit more, I am ready for 50 degrees and higher again soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dediction of the Butterfly

Our newest addition "baby butterfly" is now 6 months old!

Time flies now that we are all sleeping through the night for the most part.

We just had our precious gift from God dedicated on January 16th.

Friends and family gathered to thank God for her and agree to help nurture her spiritually and provide a Godly example for her as she grows.
Sweet pea hammed it up trying to make the most of the microphone that I held, and admitted to our pastorfelt quite comfortable on stage when he asked her! Little Sprout stayed put right by his daddy.
Here's to your best foot forward baby Butterfly!