Saturday, December 11, 2010

Together On Tuesdays

I have been enjoying a weekly tradition for the past few months. It is being together with baby butterfly on each Tuesday of the week. Yep, just her and I. How is that possible you wonder? Sweet pea and Little sprout are not even in preschool! Well I will let you in on the secret ingredient. My mother in law! Oh, thank God for her. She takes the twins every Tuesday, ALL DAY.

They have a fun filled morning attending a bible study called Community Bible Study (CBS), then they eat the lunch I pack them and spend the afternoon at Grandmas. They even take their naps at her house (separating them into different rooms works well).

My day on the other hand consists of well whatever I want!! It usually involves running errands with baby butterfly, sooooo much easier with one child rather than three.

I spend time napping, exercising, knitting, eating a peaceful hot lunch, and of course often blogging. I think Tuesdays together with baby butterfly have helped keep my sanity intact.

When daddy gets home with Sweet Pea and Little Sprout his little butterfly goes straight to his arms.

Thanks to the best mother in law!!! Joy to you on your Tuesdays!

Friday, December 3, 2010


It was our first snow day this week. Now I know you are thinking WHAT a snow day already? Our school wasn't canceled. What district are you in anyway??

Let me clarify things. Our first "snow day" consists of just that, snow.
Yep, it was the first day of snow for the winter season and BOY what excitement there was at our house!!
Little sprout spotted it outside of the window that morning, "what that?" He questioned. Scarecrow asked him what he thought it was "mosquito's " he retorted. Yes, too cute. We explained it was snow. Soon he had put his snow pants on and was ready to go outside. That is just what we did. Everyone (excluding baby butterfly and Nana) bundled up and hit the snow. We made mini snow men (there was only 1/4 inch of snow fall :) , threw snow at each other which brought tears, stomped around in it and drew in it. We then headed indoors for some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Let the joy of winter begin!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Christmas Tradition

We have a tradition in our family that started when Scarecrow and I first married.

It stems from when I was was a child, we did the same activity every year and it carries many fond memories for me.

It it cutting down a Christmas tree, hauling it home and decorating our live tree.

This year my sis (Ruby Red Slippers) came with her boys to help us pick the tree this year. They will be traveling for Christmas and didin't have to select one of their own. She donned the baby carrier and hauled baby butterfly the whole time!

We grabbed a wagon and some of the kiddos jumped on for a ride given by Scarecrow himself. We travel to the trees to find a beauty. Now, I must confess this part usually takes us a LONG time.

However, with three screaming children it is great motivation to settle for the tree that is decent, not perfect. This year I didn't care about perfect. With two toddlers and a baby
ALL crying at once, we aimed for quick!! It was the fastest tree finding mission in our families history. The cold air blowing helped a bit too.

We had it up in our living room the same day and spent three days decorating it with the kids. A few of the candy canes made it on the tree, many were eaten in the process.

There were oohs aaahs, and screams of delight as we pulled out ornaments and lit up the tree. "I so excited!!!" Sweet pea exclaimed. Well, so are we, it is a joy to relive the experience of Christmans through a childs eye. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Travel Bug

Do you ever get the itch to just go somewhere?

Well I did. I had not paid a visit to my dearest Aunt and Uncle for far too long and it was high time.
They graciously accepted my suggestion that we come for a visit.
We packed our bags and toys. The hit of the trip
was our chalkboard and dry erease board boxes.

We stopped often, watched a movie, sang lots of songs and stopped at Big Boys for lunch. Don't you remember their big boy hamburgers and malts, oooh my mouth is watering. It was Liam and Graces first time and they have talked about seeing the big boy again eating the hamburger :)

All three kids plus my mom and dad spent a few days at her home !!
I told you she is a dear!! We enjoyed playing at the park pushing our elmo and baby doll, even Mrs. busy bee and nana took a ride on the see saw!. We had lots of good food and fun. Mrs Butterfly got in some shopping at the nearby outlets and Baby Kate got lots of cuddles too. Soon it was time to say goodbye and hit the road.
We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the ride home and got some jumbo suckers for the rest of the trip. Good thing because we did hit a accident on the way home and sat at a DEAD stop for half an hour!! Otherwise it was smooth sailing. What a treat to spend quality time with family.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Crew At The Zoo

With a few vacation days left in Scarecrows schedule, we decided to take our crew to the zoo!!
It was the first trip for all of the kiddos. They loved it!! So did we by the way.
We Saw tigers

Ate a picnic lunch by the Rhinos

The Elephants were a hit.
Baby butterfly enjoyed the sights when she woke upWe loved the giraffe, zebras, and hippos too. We will definitely be back!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Dressed Up, Let's Have A Tea Party

We have recently been getting into dress up around here.
Sweet pea and Little sprout decided to dress up.

Tutus of course!!
Sweet Pea has a couple of Tutu's
and Little Sprout decided to join in!

They got all dolled up
and spent the morning in tutus!

Noting that Sweet Pea had leggings and a tutu, Little Sprout had to do the same.

Little sprout had on two layers. The first was a skirt with brown heart then the tutu on top, with leggings underneath of course!!

We are now into wearing tutus at nap time. Too cute!
The next day Scarecrow dressed them for church. He went all out!!
The leather skirt Sweet Pea has on is new,I cannot say the same for Little Sprouts duds.

This suit was actually worn by his daddy at the same age. Oh yes, PURE POLYESTER!!

He does look charming of course, just like his daddy!!
With all of the dress up, I decided we had better do something FANCY.
SO, we invited our Nana and some friends over for a grand Tea Party!!!

I broke out the silver. Each of the kids used their silver cup and the adults.....
Yes that is china you see on the table. Hey, I figured three adults, three toddlers we can handle it. One on One if necessary !!

We feasted on grapes, veggie sticks, and cookies. Kid friendly of course.
The adults had TEA and the munchkins had Pixie Tea (a little tea with lots of milk and a bit of sugar and honey)

We all had a ball.
Wishing you fun dress up and fun times.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lots of Treats for Tigger and Pooh

HAPPY HALLOWEENIt is the second Halloween we have had kids to dress up and BOY IS IT FUN! Especially when you get to pick their costumes.
We have been reading a lot of Pooh Bear and so it is fitting to have sweet pea and little sprout dress up as someone they have come to love.

Sweet Pea is Pooh Bear

Little Sprout is Tigger

and Baby butterfly is in disguise as a Hot Pepper. I couldn't find a baby piglet costume, pooh!

They have been pulling their costumes out of their closet for the past month hugging , holding their costumes for story time, and getting them out while they play. We have had four occasions to wear Pooh,Tigger,and Hot pepper.

The first was at our church harvest party. I forgot my camera for the occasion, Darn It!!

All of the kids got to play games and earn candy prizes. pumpkin bowling, cake the end the received a pumpkin flashlight symbolizing Jesus as light of the world.

Next was down town trick or treating. The shops in our town open for the evening and give out candy to all of the kids dressed up. It is a packed event!Usually we stand in the long line wrapping through the main shops.

This time we took the back route and hit shops on the side streets. We kept moving for an hour collecting candy. Pooh and Tigger were eating it the whole time!

To kick off the weekend we went to the cider mill for a club event for my Mother of Multiples group. It was a blast seeing twins of all ages in their costumes, Two dragons, two bumble bees.... too cute!!
We decorated haunted houses with stickers, took a wagon ride, picked pumpkins, and ate cider and donuts.

Last but not least on Halloween,we had our friends come over for some trick or treating around the neighborhood.

We stopped at our neighbors houses collecting yummy candy in our spider candy bags.
Tigger and Pooh picked out some play dough cups from one nice neighbor.

Only Tigger picked out some GARLIC offered at one house to ward off vampires of course! Pooh passed on the garlic.

It was a night of FUN for all! Perhaps we can use all of this candy as a motivation for potty training ??? Just a thought!!