Thursday, September 24, 2009


Six month blog break, that has to be in the running for the longest blog break EVER!!

Why oh why you may be thinking, what has been happening with the twins, with you?

Oh just let me dish, there is ample reason

1. Home remodel, need I say more?

o.k. I will, it has been 11mo and21 days of remodeling. I am without a washer, dryer, pantry, and some of my marbles. Yeah, yeah, in the end it will be worth it, well guess the freakin' what.... I am soooo ready for the end. I will likely need to endure another few mo. I will keep you posted


Yes, having two little bumpkins is a joy, most of the time. Not so much when you stay in a hotel, come back from the pool, take diapers off, for 2 min. (literally) sit down to read a book while hubby brushes his teeth in the bathroom before you plop the kids in the bath and look up to see your little angel Little Sprout in this case, whining trying to shake a glob of POOP off his foot. Oh, yeah, lots of poop. It was a true POOP EMERGENCY!!!! Not only the little fellow but sweet pea as well. Yep, they had both pooped while playing in the room and tracked poop all over the room,bed, couch, toys, themselves, it was one smelly mess. That is all I will say on the subject, one I never want to relive!!!!

3. Marker, Marker on the wall

Well not just on the wall, on the walls of the office, on sweet pea, on little sprout, and not just any marker, no, oh no the ones that make you crazy, sharpie pens, BLACK! I never heard the plastic box filled with colored pencils and two sharpies fall. How do two toddlers pick out two black sharpie markers, get the caps off and write all over everyting in site??? Why oh why not the colored pencils???? Well it came off with a magic ereaser, mostly off the walls, completely off them.

4. One not so happy note

Unfortunately, we suffered a miscarriage in April. At ten weeks we thought we were nearly in the clear (we had had one early miscarriage before the twins were born). It was not to be. The exciting thing was the baby was due the day after my sisters birthday. It was a sad spring and takes time to recover physically, emotionally. God does know best is the conclusion I have come to.

5. Two Toddlers

Now the little tikes are walking, running, jumping, talking. I feel like I do not have as much time for me, I am pooped by 8pm! I must say so myself, they are awful cute, it is a tremendous joy living on planet mom. They are keeping me on my toes!!

I intend to become a rehabbed blogger, I promise not to let my garden go for 6 months again :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oh the joys of remodeling your home. We are expanding our garage and redoing the upstairs master bedroom and bath. We have thus far had a smooth ride in the remodeling proscess which started in the fall.
Smooth that is until we had an UNEXPECTED house guest. It was the perfect timing really, Scarecrow was to head out of town on business the next morning when our house guest arrived. Lets just say we named her POQUITA BANDITA which translates little bandit, the clue for LIVE RACOON, yes in my house!!!!!!!!!! Actually in MY CLOSET.

That morning scarecrow found excrement in our upstairs hallway, strange especially because we don't have any animals. He clued in quickly and began an upstairs search. The door to the nursery is ALWAYS shut at night , thank the good lord, the bath and guest room turned up no visitors. Scarecrows closet, nothing amiss. Busy bees closet held the culprit, a female racoon, curled up in the corner. YIKES, FREAKY, how in the world did a coon end up in my closet??
I only saw pictures too. I would not enter the room and moved out to my mom's house for 5 days.

The animal control specialist put it all together. Poquita Bandita entered through a hole the builder made (grapefuit size will do!), climbed up to the attic, down a wall and through a plumbing access panel for the bathroom, located in the guest bedroom. The builder set a live trap (canned cat food fishy smelling is the best bait) and she took it. She was hauled out and let free at a distant golf course. If you don't take them 10 miles or more they find their way back to your cozy abode by their incredible sense of smell!!

Our home is now sealed and free of Coon Guests, I only lost a pair of slippers and black shoes to the house guest, she ate them:( I have already gone shopping, there are benefits to house guests I suppose!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I Love Coffee!! It is that rich aroma when you grind the beans that is so very enticing and the rich smooth taste with a hint of Sweet Italian Cream, ohhhhh it is the best creamer ever invented. The creamer was introduced to us by Tin Man and Ruby Red slippers. KUDOS

Now we have a new way to drink coffee in the am, his and hers mugs.

A v- day gift from my lovable scarecrow. Ohhh how very sweet you must be thinking he is not scary at all.. I want them too. Yes you can get them, he ordered them online at Get this... they even have a black heart in the bottom of the mug. Sweet pea and little sprout would love to get their hands on them. We just let them know they are reserved for the Mr. and MRS :)

For any coffee connoisseurs out there may I suggest a new coffee? Not one you can find around here..... It is FAIR WAGE COFFEE!! This provides farmers in third world countries a fair wage for the beans they grow. It helps them afford the necessities- clean water, food, and health care. The 963 Coffee project was created to care for the poor, orphans, and provide meds for people living with HIV/ AIDS. The coffee is GOOD by the way, we have 10 bags to get through!! Check it out

Here is a belated happy Valentines from Sweet pea and little sprout!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


OH, yes we all feel good. The CRUD as my mom and one blogger termed it lasted for five long days.
Now we are back to bathing once a week, not 3-4 x per day. Life is good!!
Sweet pea and little sprout are hollering for more food (we are working on the sign language communication thing) crawling after one another, giggling, and not screaming with diaper changes :)))))))
They were a little serious for a day or so after the ordeal.

I am happy to report we are all singing along to "I FEEL GOOD" We hope you are FEELIN'GOOD as well.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Feelin' Not So Good

OHH we were not feelin' so good superbowl sunday and beyond, but are slowly bouncing back.

Here is the short version.....

Sweet pea and little sprout picked something up from a sick baby at a moms group I attended

Why do moms take their sick kids anywhere?!!!

Lo and behold vomiting and diarrhea ensued. Now do remember I am in the medical field and have been around the above mentioned. This is my first experience as a mom.

Oh my, who can prepare you for the smell of baby vomit, I mean TWO babies vomit!!!!!!

I was covered in it one night in particular and my clothes still smell after washing them.

Not to leave out the diarrhea. I 've became quite expert at bathing two infants side by side in the sink. Multiple times a day. Oh those poor baby bottoms, thank God for neosporin, antifungal cream and butt paste!!

Did I mention scarecrow and I were sick at the same time. MY, my it is hard taking care of sick kidlets while you feel like you are on deaths door. It is times like this (sleeping right by the toilet, cleaning up your own barf bucket....) that you just want your own mom. I banned mine from coming over , I sure don't want nana to get this!!

The good news. Scarecrow and I are better, the babies are coming along, they LOVE peialyte, whew!! A special bonus today: NO runny diapers, yet! I hope this finds you well and did not leave you sick to your stomach:0 Off to do more laundry!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Balloons and All

Happy Birthday Babies

well sweet pea and little sprout are 1 year and 1 weak old!! I figured I had better get posting or it just will not happen. This blogging thing is a bit of a challenge, I tried to change my back ground to maybe get the best blog on the block award but only succeeded in erasing my previous background, I should probably stick to gardening!! Actually I will contact a famous blogger I know who HAS gotten an award for blogging and get some help.

Now onto the birthday...... We celebrated in style with a photo cake for guests to enjoy while sweet pea and little sprout had a delectable cake of their own. Each dug in with gusto and got frosting all over their face, in their ears and hair. Some cake and frosting got in their mouths. It was a joyous day celebrating one year of precious life for these two sweet babies. A dream come true for scarecrow and I. The presents were the next best thing after cake. Really the paper was a lot of fun for them. I better not leave out mention of the balloons. Scarecrow picked up 10 helium balloons which the babies still cannot get enough of. Each day they (especially sweet pea) have been pulling on the string attached to the balloon, pulling the balloon down to mouth level, banging on it , chewing on it and letting it float back up to the ceiling. Who knew you could have hours of fun with a happy birthday balloon? The party just keeps on going!!