Saturday, December 11, 2010

Together On Tuesdays

I have been enjoying a weekly tradition for the past few months. It is being together with baby butterfly on each Tuesday of the week. Yep, just her and I. How is that possible you wonder? Sweet pea and Little sprout are not even in preschool! Well I will let you in on the secret ingredient. My mother in law! Oh, thank God for her. She takes the twins every Tuesday, ALL DAY.

They have a fun filled morning attending a bible study called Community Bible Study (CBS), then they eat the lunch I pack them and spend the afternoon at Grandmas. They even take their naps at her house (separating them into different rooms works well).

My day on the other hand consists of well whatever I want!! It usually involves running errands with baby butterfly, sooooo much easier with one child rather than three.

I spend time napping, exercising, knitting, eating a peaceful hot lunch, and of course often blogging. I think Tuesdays together with baby butterfly have helped keep my sanity intact.

When daddy gets home with Sweet Pea and Little Sprout his little butterfly goes straight to his arms.

Thanks to the best mother in law!!! Joy to you on your Tuesdays!

Friday, December 3, 2010


It was our first snow day this week. Now I know you are thinking WHAT a snow day already? Our school wasn't canceled. What district are you in anyway??

Let me clarify things. Our first "snow day" consists of just that, snow.
Yep, it was the first day of snow for the winter season and BOY what excitement there was at our house!!
Little sprout spotted it outside of the window that morning, "what that?" He questioned. Scarecrow asked him what he thought it was "mosquito's " he retorted. Yes, too cute. We explained it was snow. Soon he had put his snow pants on and was ready to go outside. That is just what we did. Everyone (excluding baby butterfly and Nana) bundled up and hit the snow. We made mini snow men (there was only 1/4 inch of snow fall :) , threw snow at each other which brought tears, stomped around in it and drew in it. We then headed indoors for some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Let the joy of winter begin!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Christmas Tradition

We have a tradition in our family that started when Scarecrow and I first married.

It stems from when I was was a child, we did the same activity every year and it carries many fond memories for me.

It it cutting down a Christmas tree, hauling it home and decorating our live tree.

This year my sis (Ruby Red Slippers) came with her boys to help us pick the tree this year. They will be traveling for Christmas and didin't have to select one of their own. She donned the baby carrier and hauled baby butterfly the whole time!

We grabbed a wagon and some of the kiddos jumped on for a ride given by Scarecrow himself. We travel to the trees to find a beauty. Now, I must confess this part usually takes us a LONG time.

However, with three screaming children it is great motivation to settle for the tree that is decent, not perfect. This year I didn't care about perfect. With two toddlers and a baby
ALL crying at once, we aimed for quick!! It was the fastest tree finding mission in our families history. The cold air blowing helped a bit too.

We had it up in our living room the same day and spent three days decorating it with the kids. A few of the candy canes made it on the tree, many were eaten in the process.

There were oohs aaahs, and screams of delight as we pulled out ornaments and lit up the tree. "I so excited!!!" Sweet pea exclaimed. Well, so are we, it is a joy to relive the experience of Christmans through a childs eye. Merry Christmas to you and yours.