Thursday, September 24, 2009


Six month blog break, that has to be in the running for the longest blog break EVER!!

Why oh why you may be thinking, what has been happening with the twins, with you?

Oh just let me dish, there is ample reason

1. Home remodel, need I say more?

o.k. I will, it has been 11mo and21 days of remodeling. I am without a washer, dryer, pantry, and some of my marbles. Yeah, yeah, in the end it will be worth it, well guess the freakin' what.... I am soooo ready for the end. I will likely need to endure another few mo. I will keep you posted


Yes, having two little bumpkins is a joy, most of the time. Not so much when you stay in a hotel, come back from the pool, take diapers off, for 2 min. (literally) sit down to read a book while hubby brushes his teeth in the bathroom before you plop the kids in the bath and look up to see your little angel Little Sprout in this case, whining trying to shake a glob of POOP off his foot. Oh, yeah, lots of poop. It was a true POOP EMERGENCY!!!! Not only the little fellow but sweet pea as well. Yep, they had both pooped while playing in the room and tracked poop all over the room,bed, couch, toys, themselves, it was one smelly mess. That is all I will say on the subject, one I never want to relive!!!!

3. Marker, Marker on the wall

Well not just on the wall, on the walls of the office, on sweet pea, on little sprout, and not just any marker, no, oh no the ones that make you crazy, sharpie pens, BLACK! I never heard the plastic box filled with colored pencils and two sharpies fall. How do two toddlers pick out two black sharpie markers, get the caps off and write all over everyting in site??? Why oh why not the colored pencils???? Well it came off with a magic ereaser, mostly off the walls, completely off them.

4. One not so happy note

Unfortunately, we suffered a miscarriage in April. At ten weeks we thought we were nearly in the clear (we had had one early miscarriage before the twins were born). It was not to be. The exciting thing was the baby was due the day after my sisters birthday. It was a sad spring and takes time to recover physically, emotionally. God does know best is the conclusion I have come to.

5. Two Toddlers

Now the little tikes are walking, running, jumping, talking. I feel like I do not have as much time for me, I am pooped by 8pm! I must say so myself, they are awful cute, it is a tremendous joy living on planet mom. They are keeping me on my toes!!

I intend to become a rehabbed blogger, I promise not to let my garden go for 6 months again :)


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am so glad to see you posted!!!
Only you can tell a story and have me spitting coffee out my mouth and onto my computer, and I am not even irritated...Not even a little bit! :)
Love you, and those crazy, wonderful, awesome kiddos!!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

P.S. You know what I think about the miscarriage-It broke my heart for you both...and I am so glad you are making it through...

Mommy Mac said...

Hi Ruby's sister!

I aDoRe Ruby.

I bet I just might adore you too.

I have never noticed that you had a blog before.


I notice now and I'm happy to visit your garden often!

Twins: WOW.

I am sorry to hear of your loss back in April.

I like that you said God does have a way of working things out.

Hold onto that and those Sharpie markers!!!!

But not the poop!

.mac :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Welcome back to blogland. It was great to catch up with the news in your garden. Sorry to hear about your sadness in April. We are in the process of re-decoating our home too so I know just how you feel. I have 4 doors to paint tomorrow!

Mother Hood said...

I just wrote a whole paragraph of a comment and it didn't post. NUTS!

Anyway, glad you're attempting to update your blog with all that is going on in your life!

I look forward to hearing more.