Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lots of Treats for Tigger and Pooh

HAPPY HALLOWEENIt is the second Halloween we have had kids to dress up and BOY IS IT FUN! Especially when you get to pick their costumes.
We have been reading a lot of Pooh Bear and so it is fitting to have sweet pea and little sprout dress up as someone they have come to love.

Sweet Pea is Pooh Bear

Little Sprout is Tigger

and Baby butterfly is in disguise as a Hot Pepper. I couldn't find a baby piglet costume, pooh!

They have been pulling their costumes out of their closet for the past month hugging , holding their costumes for story time, and getting them out while they play. We have had four occasions to wear Pooh,Tigger,and Hot pepper.

The first was at our church harvest party. I forgot my camera for the occasion, Darn It!!

All of the kids got to play games and earn candy prizes. pumpkin bowling, cake the end the received a pumpkin flashlight symbolizing Jesus as light of the world.

Next was down town trick or treating. The shops in our town open for the evening and give out candy to all of the kids dressed up. It is a packed event!Usually we stand in the long line wrapping through the main shops.

This time we took the back route and hit shops on the side streets. We kept moving for an hour collecting candy. Pooh and Tigger were eating it the whole time!

To kick off the weekend we went to the cider mill for a club event for my Mother of Multiples group. It was a blast seeing twins of all ages in their costumes, Two dragons, two bumble bees.... too cute!!
We decorated haunted houses with stickers, took a wagon ride, picked pumpkins, and ate cider and donuts.

Last but not least on Halloween,we had our friends come over for some trick or treating around the neighborhood.

We stopped at our neighbors houses collecting yummy candy in our spider candy bags.
Tigger and Pooh picked out some play dough cups from one nice neighbor.

Only Tigger picked out some GARLIC offered at one house to ward off vampires of course! Pooh passed on the garlic.

It was a night of FUN for all! Perhaps we can use all of this candy as a motivation for potty training ??? Just a thought!!

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am glad I finally got to see it!!!
They are soooo cute!!!