Friday, February 25, 2011

Let It Snow!!!!!

How many inches of snow have we had in Michigan anyway? ALOT is the simplest answer! We are enjoying it! I have felt like a kid again this winter, experiencing the winter fun with the twins.

Our home is situated right in front of a park which has a sledding hill. Admittedly it is not a grandiose hill, it is great for toddlers!!
We have many sledding adventures.
Have built many a snowman.
Have shoveled a TON of snow.
The latest fun was a snow tunnel.

My dear neighbor whom I will name the knitting guru, dug a great tunnel in the mountain of snow at the end of our street.
The adults even fit in it!!

All of the kids had a blast crawling through, on top of,, and sliding down it.

So let it snow. Well only a little bit more, I am ready for 50 degrees and higher again soon!

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