Friday, October 11, 2013

First Day Of School!

Kindergarten!  The first two are in school :-0.  The twins have been attending for the past six weeks!  Thought I would be excited the first day.... I was!  No tears on either end - mine or theirs!  
The added joy to this significant event is that Uncle Brooke was here to share it!!  He was in Detroit for work.  He spent a couple of nights with us enjoying the end of summer.  He fixed bikes- Liam's, Kate's, even the neighbor boys. He also helped them learn to ride, witnessing Liam's first successful go at riding with NO training wheels and Kate's first time riding a two wheel bike with training wheels!  All the kids were impressed with the tools he carried in the back of his truck.
We made the end of the day super special by baking my Aunt Loise's giant sugar cookies from scratch.  I have fond memories of enjoying her sugar cookies she sent to us in empty brad bags.  " they are as big as our heads" the kids exclaimed.  

The kids even got to ride the bus!  Well, they took a bus ride anyway, not on the first day of school but 5 days before!  Compliments of a friend who drives a school bus for a living, how cool is that?!!

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