Saturday, February 21, 2009


I Love Coffee!! It is that rich aroma when you grind the beans that is so very enticing and the rich smooth taste with a hint of Sweet Italian Cream, ohhhhh it is the best creamer ever invented. The creamer was introduced to us by Tin Man and Ruby Red slippers. KUDOS

Now we have a new way to drink coffee in the am, his and hers mugs.

A v- day gift from my lovable scarecrow. Ohhh how very sweet you must be thinking he is not scary at all.. I want them too. Yes you can get them, he ordered them online at Get this... they even have a black heart in the bottom of the mug. Sweet pea and little sprout would love to get their hands on them. We just let them know they are reserved for the Mr. and MRS :)

For any coffee connoisseurs out there may I suggest a new coffee? Not one you can find around here..... It is FAIR WAGE COFFEE!! This provides farmers in third world countries a fair wage for the beans they grow. It helps them afford the necessities- clean water, food, and health care. The 963 Coffee project was created to care for the poor, orphans, and provide meds for people living with HIV/ AIDS. The coffee is GOOD by the way, we have 10 bags to get through!! Check it out

Here is a belated happy Valentines from Sweet pea and little sprout!!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

Love the V-Day pictures!
I wish I had room for two more mugs, because those are just darling.
Now about the Fair Wage Coffee-since you are coming over tonight, How 'bout bringing some of that?! I don't think you mentioned THAT on the phone!! LOL
Tell scarecrow Happy Engineer's Day from us-I heard on blogs this week that that is what it is...Well, we'll just celebrate tonight! One more reason to dance, dance, our hearts out! (DDR!)

Lindsay-ann said...

I love those Mugs. They are wonderful. I would have tea in mine, very english I know! I love the smell of coffee and I eat coffee cake but I don't like drinking coffee. Weird I know!
Your twins look so cute dressed in red for valentines day.
Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs.Busy Bee said...
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Quiche Me, I'm Yours! said...

Hey girl I am back using my name and not yours to post Ha Ha. Love the mugs and I hope you keep them for a future give away. I am almost out of coffee so I may order some from that web site. Give the kids hugs from us and we'll see you soon!!!!

Sandy Toes said...

Ahhh...they are so very cute in their Valentine outfits.

Yes, coffee is a staple here...never tried that creamer..may have to pick up one.
sandy toe

Mother Hood said...

CUTE Mugs! Sorry I've been an absentee blogger lately. We went on vacation and I'm trying to paint my kitchen cabinets in between!

I love the twins' messy mouths on the post below. So cute!