Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birdy treats, apple painting... any takers??

The joys of fall in our home are making apple paintings and of course birdy treats. That is what 2 1/2 year old sweet pea and little sprout call them. I have to admit I had alot of fun making these yummy treats and master paintings. I know I have you wondering now, what exactly is a birdy treat or apple painting especially with toddlers? For fall? Never heard of the like!
Well here goes. When you have two toddlers who are not potty trained, whose birthdays come in January, and therefore cannot attend preschool you come up with some creative ways to spend your time and thiers.

Lets start with some fresh apples, yum! We take the apples, halve them and get ready to dip them in washable paint. First of course we don our adorable paint smocks (courtesy of Ruby Red Slippers!) Next we dip our apples in our fave paint and stamp it on our paper bags. or have Ms. Busy bee do it if you don't like to get your hands messy as is the case with little sprout.
Then draw some butterfly anteneas and a beautiful painting awaits scarecrow when he arrives home! Oh yes, of course lastly, you eat some apples!

Birdie treats are the next item of fun for fall.

Ingredients:a bagel, assorted chopped nuts, peanut butter, dried fruit and a few happy helpers - we had our nana, sweet pea, &little sprout.

Spread on some gooey PB, roll or sprinkle on your nuts and berries, string each side and hang for the birdies to have a special treat!!

So much fun to be had in this season of thanksgiving. I truly am thankful to be home with my little helpers and enjoy each day making memories!! Until next time, Ms. Busy Bee

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Oh my GOSH!!!
You certainly didn't need any of my advice for what to do with Preschoolers!! What fun crafts...I think I need to take that "Apple Painting" into my classroom this week! That is such a great craft.
And making the birdie treats-love it!!!
Give those cutie-pies hugs and kisses from Aunt Lolly...and what a great time we had at lunch with you and the kids today-I loved that so much!!!!
Love, SIS