Saturday, October 2, 2010

Summer, no wait it's fall

Oh summer, it is now gone. We enjoyed our last day of summer at the pool.

Okay, the kiddie pool that is. Well it is not actually ours it is our cousins who generously lent it to us for the summer while they were up at the cottage on lake Huron.

It hit 89 sunny hot degrees. I just changed out summer clothes for fall/winter clothes so the hot fleece pajamas had to come off, down to the diapers, out to the pool, YEAH. My girlfriend and I turned on the sprinkler and everyone enjoyed the water and the pool!!

It gave fighting, screaming toddlers something to enjoy and us moms a chance to chat and chill.

Oh, of course, the very next day it was fall and the weather showed it. Brrrr, a cool evening. So cool in fact that we made a fire in our fire pit and sat outside for dessert bundled up in our coats and of course our beloved rain boots.
Mrs. Busy Bee had a much needed glass of merlot while scarecrow tended a toasty inviting fire.

With the cool weather kicking in we had a hankering for apples and cider. We took a trip to the cider mill. Sweet pea & little sprout were giddy about riding behind the tractor. They loved picking apples off of the tree and eating them. YUM! We saw farm animals and tried our best ot get our mugs in the cutouts, we'll do better next year when we are taller! Dinner that night was donuts hot off the press and cider!! OHHHH I can still taste them.

Baby butterfly slept the entire time in the carrier attached to scarecrow. We were able to pick four varities of apples and have enjoyed making applesauce together.
Mrs. busy bee will tackle making the apple pie when she is not so BUSY! We are enjoying eating our 17 pounds of apples in the meantime.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

LOVE this!!!
I am so glad to see you are keeping up with some pictures for me!!! Love the picture of you guys sitting around the cozy, and going to the apple orchard is always a great time.
And we loved having you over on Friday-it is always crazy, but so much fun. I have to say, when I saw teeth marks in my fake acorn, I said I can't believe my dog tried to chew this-and D. pointed out it wasn't the dog, but two little munchkins!!! They made me laugh outloud! Only the twins!!
Love ya-

Quiche Me, I'm Yours! said...

Ohhhhh apple orchards. How I miss them so. Can't wait for the butterfly to land in my lap in November. See you then!