Friday, August 16, 2013

Butterflies 3rd Birthday

Our day started with the requested breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes.  Yep, she has my sweet tooth!
 Then came a few presents (Lots of lip balm of the princess and Barbie variety) . Applied on one happy set of lips as witnessed above!
 Off to the barn on a birthday adventure of  horseback riding with my neighbor. We helped brush and saddle "Flyer".
   Butterfly was a little nervous so she just sat on the horse.  Her siblings and I all went for a ride.
We enjoyed feeding the dozen chickens, riding the bike horse & cart, swinging
And getting dirty!!


After a two hour nap, we then got the party started! Chuckie Cheese with some friends.

A piñata, cake, & presents.....which of course you have to try on before hitting the sack!

The first day of being 3!!!!! Pretty FUN.

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