Sunday, August 11, 2013

The First Lost tooth In Our Family

Do you remember how sore it was to wiggle your loose tooth when you were trying to get it out as a child?  The anticipation of what lay under your pillow the next morning after you placed your tooth there the night before?  We are reminded of those experiences, as Sweet Pea has lost her first tooth!!

It all started with her complaining of soreness behind her baby teeth.  We looked and found there was a ridge/ shelf present.  Strange, we'd never come across something like this.   A few days later a tooth popped through the ridge!  What, two rows of teeth now !
Uh oh, this is too early! Kids loose teeth when they are 6-7 not 5 yrs old!!  I called my sister Aka Ruby Red Slippers.... she explained she had the same experience as a child and the baby teeth had to be pulled.  Uuugh! Off to the dentist we went.

"Normal". Was the diagnosis, for girls that is.  Boys loose teeth a bit later, 5 is just fine for a girl.  Lo and behold that tooth in question started loosening just around the time of the dental visit.  Yay, no pulling required!  Just "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle that tooth" was the treatment.  

2 weeks later, after numerous applications of custom cotton candy flavored numbing medication provided by our dentist, the tooth was hanging by a thread.  Wednesday August 7th Sweet Pea awoke without a tooth!  She presented her toothless grin to Scarecrow wondering where her tooth was!  Did she swallow it during sleep?  Was it lost on the floor?  Turns out it was right in her bed!! 

We asked what she was hoping for from the tooth fairy..... "A dollar!!" was MUCH hoped for.  That next morning, two dollar bills were left under her pillow where her tooth had been.  She was ecstatic, you will know what I mean if you can just picture when I am excited and multiply that x 1000!  She carried the cash around all day until I suggested she put it her Hello Kitty wallet for safe keeping.  Now we just have to find the wallet ;)

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