Sunday, February 8, 2015

Double Sevens

As of January 21, 2015 we have two seven year olds in our abode.  From under 5 pounds to now 52 pounds, fitting in two palms to reaching mid chest on mom, first few days of life to first grade.

This is a memorable birthday as it was the first one they celebrated with ALL of their friends.  They both selected Chuck E. Cheese , why?  The draw was they each received a super hero cape and crown!

I had wondered when we had our double blessing what they would be like as they grew up.  
Our first born - little sprout who is now a big sprout has endured two surgeries.  One groin hernia repair at age 5 & another surgery age 6!  He is a determined sort who does not give up, this has served him well in wrestling and sports in general.  He is inquisitive like his father, we love all of his questions.  Sensitive as well.  A definite rule follower which  has helped him and his siblings not get run over by other kids. 
Twin B, aka sweet pea lived through two hospitalizations in her first 1 1/2 years of life, spent many appointments with the eye doctor and nearly a year of daily vision therapy exercises.
Sweet pea is exactly that SO VERY SWEET, she is quite, shy, does as she is told, is a people pleaser, goes with the flow.  Likes all things non girly, for her birthday in fact she told me when I asked her what she wanted her reply - " get me what I like but NO barbies and nothing pink".  I totally get it, she is a true mini me.

We are so grateful for the seven years we have been entrusted to be their parents, a double blessing indeed.

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