Thursday, June 9, 2016

OUR Own Little Paradise

What happens when you leave a note on someone's door telling them to contact you if they ever considered selling?  Well, in our case you get a call that same evening!
Our family dreamed of owning a cottage up north even prior to having children.  Our one offer 10 years ago was beat out by another buyer.
Wev'e rented in the are for 5 years, prior to that stayed with my sister at her cottage until friends came and we outgrew the space. Looked at cottages over the summers, never found one we fell in love with until we spotted the little white cottage in the woods.

It is set back, you really don't notice it and it is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!

800 square feet and that includes the porch!

The seller called the same night, so, we returned, met her and worked on getting a contract, even left a deposit.  Her cousin was interested but suggested she sell it to us!

We got the call 2 weeks later, the cousin changed her mind and would buy it.  We were sad but left it in Gods hands.  I was very hesitant to go away for long as my mom was 9 years into her diagnosis of Alzheimer's and was getting worse.  Winter arrived, my dear moms health worsened, she was hospitalized in geriatric Psych and further declined.  In Februrary hospice came in.  On Februrary 15, 2016 the cottage owner again called and asked if we were interstellar. YES, we responded.  The same day, my mom went to be with Jesus.  
I was heart broken to have lost the mother who loved me unconditionally. 

 God had given me a ray of hope with a dream come true ; owning a cottage.  Officially signed April ,1 2016- We dreamed forward to all the wonderful memories we will create with our children.

We have enjoyed camping out in our cottage during renovation (kids more so enjoyed this), campfires, beach time, wonderful neighbors and family two doors down!
We are thankful for our Petite Mansion we aptly named after my home where I grew up EVERGREEN ACRES Cottage!! 

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