Tuesday, October 12, 2010


SO, as you know scarecrow and I have two 2 1/2 year olds. It is like he says "imagine having a toddler who has a friend over every single day!!!" That sums it up.
Some days it is mayhem and fighting. Other days they are the best of friends. I sometimes have to separate them at nap time into different rooms so that they will sleep and not play. More recently since the addition of our baby butterfly I have had to separate them in the morning, errr shall we say middle of the night. See, the little butterfly cries and wakes one of the twins, they then turn on their bedroom light whether it is 2 am or 5am. Lo and behold I find them awake jumping off the nightstands or wrestling on the floor. I brought sweet pea into our bedroom and had her sleep on the floor at the foot of our bed until the "sun came up". As soon as she saw little sprout it was "hi" and hugs, like they had not seen one another in days rather only 1 1/2 hours. Oh we need a noise machine in a bad way!
Now mind you I do not understand all that they say. Yes, they have conversations with each other at times and I am just left in the dark. They however prattle on, understanding one another completely!! It is nice once in a while when I cannot get what one is saying, just ask the other one and they will help interpret.

One rule in our house is no gum until you are three years old. Nana brought a sucker with gum in the middle. I read the wrapper as she was eating her sucker. Nana quickly explained the gum was in the center of the sucker and sweet pea says "I cant see it" she chomped that sucker so fast it would make your head spin and shouted out "I see it" when she got to the gum! I did let her have this one, yep she swallowed the gum.

Little sprout is also obsessed with the gum he cannot have. He climbed up on his kid size chair and said "I bigger now, gum?" We were in hysterics. Sweat pea wondered if it would work, hey what the heck, if I can get some gum out of it.... so she did the same thing.

Oh let me not forget to mention, just 3 days ago at nana and papas house, the little dears raided nanas purse and went through a whole PACK of gum. I found them in the living room on the floor with her purse contents sprawled out, each had 4-6 pieces of gum in their mouths chewing frantically. I did gather a messy pink gob from each of their mouths, before anyone tried to swallow and choke, whew!

We have of course been enjoying fall. Little sprout has noticed the trees changing colors and declared "God painted those trees", yes He did indeed!!

We do enjoy meals at our house together, often it is scarecrow and I talking over the two little ones noise. But last week the two wee ones had a very cute conversation, keep in mind we have just ended a remodeling project (upcoming post) ongoing for two years and their daddy has been doing a lot of work on the house. Little sprout " This is mine house, this is sissys house" Sweet pea "yeah, it pretty" Little sprout "daddy fix it".

Other times the conversations that I over hear make me chuckle as one tries to get the other to do something. Another rule in our house is you do not get out of bed at bedtime. It seem sweet pea is not so sweet at times but quite crafty in getting things done. She routinely asks her brother when they are in bed, with the lights out, to get out of bed and open the shades, turn the light on, get her a book (which is out in the hall way!) or a toy ( in the toy box in their room with a lid so heavy they usually cannot lift it!). He often complies and then gets in trouble. Just the first lesson of many that girls can be trouble!

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Oh, this was so funny, and so cute!!!
I am so glad you are writing down all the funny things they do and say-because, you do forget over time...now you have a record of all the funny, sweet, silly things those two are doing...
Love you guys-