Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Past and A New Year Begins

Wow, Christmas is already past. That went fast. It's about time to blog about it!
It was a different Christmas this year as it was our fist Christmas away from home. We have always spent the night at my parents home on Christmas eve and celebrated Christmas together upon waking. This year things were different but good at the same time. My sis and her family decided to travel to see dear friends, so we hosted Christmas brunch. I do believe we may have started a NEW tradition.

It was baby butterfly's first Christmas. Sweet Pea and little Sprout are nearing three years old so they REALLY got into Christmas presents.
They actually enjoyed opening and playing with each and every gift. Opening presents took over two hours!!

Sweet Peas favorite presents were her new belt and underwear that she donned immediately!!

The new year was rung in with a fantastic party hosted by Ruby Red slippers and her Tin Man. It has been an annual event since B.C. (before children)!!

We get friends together, play games, have yummy food , drinks, dance ( dance dance revolution competitions), and toast in the new year as the ball drops.

We wish you the very best for a blessed new year!

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am so glad I got to see Christmas pictures-we missed you all on Christmas-It was fun, but so weird to be out of MI for Christmas...a new tradition for sure with us spending Christmas morning with you at your house-
and New Years-LOVE. That. Tradition!!!