Sunday, January 23, 2011


We needed to warm up a bit around here as we have been getting quite the dumping of snow, so we brought a little warm weather inside by having a fiesta.
The occasion was Sweet Pea and Little Sprouts 3rd birthday! Yes, hard to believe where the time has gone, long days but short years is a good way to describe it.
We invited friends and family to celebrate. We based it off a favorite book of theirs, "Fiesta". The party was complete with fajitas, a pinata filled with toys and candy.
We sang a rendition of happy birthday, blew out number "3" candles and dug into birthday cupcakes.

Scarecrow bought birthday balloons for all of the kids to take home, along with their gift bags filled with toys and candy.
Prior to destroying the pinata we read"Fiesta"

Then it was time to don the blindfold and take some swings at the donkey pinata. The kids tried their darnedest to break open the pinata with some big hits but in the end we had to break it open and pour out the contents! They all loved the candy and prizes just the same.
We are so blessed to have had these two wonderful gifts err twin tornadoes (as their favorite uncle calls them) in our lives for three years. We will see what the next year brings. We pray it will be filled with more joy, smiles, and times to grow together, and celebrate!

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