Monday, January 17, 2011

Work It Girl

So here it comes, I am returning to work VERY PART TIME on Tuesday (tomorrow!) I have mixed feelings. On one hand I crave some time with adults, away from three kids under three. I enjoy what I do professionally, working in a family practice as a Physician Assistant. The staff is great, the pay is wonderful, they are very flexible with my schedule, I enjoy catching up with patients I haven't treated for a while. On the other hand I am leaving my baby butterfly for 5 hours until Scarecrow comes home and takes over the fort!! Normally on Tuesdays my mother in law takes the twins for the day. The office could really use me on this day OF COURSE!! I really have enjoyed Tuesdays with just one. It just so happens my in laws are out of town this week. So it is trial by fire for our sitter. We do have a wonderful college woman who comes to our home and I do feel she is very capable.

My greatest concern is about my littlest one. I wonder how she will do with a bottle. She has taken a bottle since she was 2 weeks old as scarecrow would feed her pumped milk at 10 pm while I slept through a feeding. However, sometimes she just refuses to drink out of a bottle! What is the worst that can happen?
The two older ones somersaulting off of the couch while the baby is eating? Well, yes, been there done that. Let's not dwell on what could happen. I will just mind my diet (baby butterfly gets terribly gassy and crampy if I have any dairy) and send up some prayers. I will ask you to do the same - the prayers that is!

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Oh my-I can't believe you are going back tomorrow!
You will be in my prayers, as I know this will be a new thing for everyone.
You will do fine, and so will the kids...put up the Seaseme Seed Oil-and the Desitin, and any tubes of liquids, and you might just come home to a 'clean' house-
Love ya-